Tuesday 30 July 2013

Keep Up

Friends, family, lovers and animals; we have some news to tell you. After six years of
writing, recording, touring and ridiculously unbelievable fun, The Kabeedies are over. Not in the typical sense though, the amps haven't been switched off and neither have the
remnants of our brains. Don't fret! The four of us are still a band, we are still writing music and we are still going to be turning up on your doorstep and playing shows in your town. However from now on we will be called Keep Up. You may be wondering what led us to make this decision, well for us it's quite simple, we simply aren't The Kabeedies anymore. As you all know, last year Katie left the band and we welcomed our fabulous new member Christian Daniels. At the same time our music has taken a gradual shift into new territories as our influences and songwriting have developed. This band is a new band, regardless of the fact that  a lot has stayed the same. We have a new EP for you, released in September with our Berlin label Motor Music, and a single 'Ah Tonight' for you to hear right now. Fresh t-shirts and totes are on their way, including a special pre-order package (details to follow...). More songs are on their way too! We have been in hibernation this Summer, writing a brand new set for all of your ears.

Check out the video for our new single 'Ah Tonight' here:

We will be playing two shows in the UK in September, including a hometown Norwich performance, followed by a European tour in November.


05/09 - London, Dalston - Tipsy Bar
06/09 - Norwich - Arts Centre


02/11 - Hamburg – Molotow
03/11 - Kiel – Prinz Willy
06/11 - Dresden – Groove Station
07/11 - Straubing – The Raven
08/11 - Stuttgart - Zwolfzehn
10/11 - Nurnberg – Club Stereo
13/11 -Leipzig – Ilses Erika

More dates to be announced soon.

For now, we'd all like to say a massive thank you. The world that we have inhabited for the past 6 years has been incredible. From the surreal moments on stage at Glastonbury and Latitude, to the many floors we've slept on (thank you), the incredible people we've met from home to the far flung corners of the world, and the vast quantities of beer we've shared with you all; it's been a dream. Now let's do it all again for another twenty years.

You'll never get rid of us that easily.

Keep Up

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