Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Online Merch

We've just reopened our Online Merch store, where you can buy T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Albums directly from us. Just click HERE

Fab x

What's next

So Katie's last UK show will be this Saturday (21st July) when we play two shows at Open in Norwich for the opening of the Tilting Sky Festival (tickets available HERE ). We then progress with our singles 'Bones' c/w 'Underfloor Lover' being released on Monday!
Then we begin preparations for touring in Germany/Italy/France and more of Europe in October. Can't wait to see y'all, and anyone who can make it to either show to send Katie off in style it would be much apprieciated.
Fab xxx

So long to an old friend

Hey everyone, today is the 18th July 2012 and unfortunately the day we have to announce to you all that Katie and ourselves are parting company. After 5 years of playing together Katie has decided to pursue other things and leave touring to the rest of us fools. We wish her all the best and we want to assure everyone that we still very much love her, no sensational arguments or anything, just a mutual parting of ways leaving us with nothing but a wealth of incredible memories and happy thoughts. From weeing herself in her tent the night before we went onstage at Latitude, to having the bejeesus scared out of her in a shack in the middle of some woods in Norway, to escaping a hostel in Manchester to stalk the streets looking for sushi, to having our minds collectively blown by the response to our show at Dockville – we’re left with millions of good times to look back on. Katie has been a rock for us and a livewire in equal measure, and I’m sure all of the people who saw us live would agree that she’s a sensational performer, a wonderful person and someone we’ll all miss hugely. The last 5 years of our lives have been utterly amazing, and Katie has been such a huge part of that and we’re very lucky to have grown up with her and experienced all we have together. Our last show in England with Katie will be our two gigs at Open in Norwich infront of our home fans on the 21st July, a fitting end to a wonderful era. Meanwhile, we are by no means calling it quits, The Kabeedies will continue to perform and concentrate on writing our 3rd album and keeping on the road with the 3 of us, touring Europe and the UK in the Autumn and beyond. Our form will evolve as we progress, but we’re still very much on board with the project and we’re all looking forward to seeing how the next year pans out.
Love, Fab, Evan and Rory

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blackburn College Session

On this, the 4th anniversary of the crowd at Latitude Festival pushing down the barriers on the lake stage while we were playing (as i shed a small tear), we thought we'd pop up a little live session we played for the wonderful people at Blackburn College:

The Kabeedies from Media Centre on Vimeo.

Friday, 13 July 2012


Here's a link to some captivating visuals that our bestest buddy Harry Hall from These Ghosts has put to our new single 'Bones', it's out with 'Underfloor Lover' on the 23rd July:

The Kabeedies - Bones from Harry Hall on Vimeo.

Rebel Playlist

We've got the massive priviledge of being on Steve Lamacq's 6Music Rebel Playlist this week, with some seriously stiff competition. So we'd be eternally grateful if you could vote for our new single 'Bones' - as it'll get radio play on 6music all next week if we emerge triumphant, and also Evan is massively competitive and may punch me in the face if we lose. Please share this about, as you're basically punching me in the face if not.....
Thanks everyone xxxx