Saturday 1 June 2013

Germany May 2013

Ok so we've just about recovered from our 11 days in Germany, and it's time to sit down and reflect. We had a truly amazing time and we'd like to thank all of our friends in Germany and the promoters who all treated us wonderfully. Thankyou especially to Jacob and Falk for putting up with us in their house and smashing their sink off the wall in a bathroom caper that only Evan could instigate. Most of all Thank you to you genius people who came out to see us and spoke to us afterwards. You guys were the reason we had such a good time, and the reason we ended up at artificial beach parties in Berlin, absinthe bars in Marburg with an army of Kabeedies T-Shirt wearing guys and getting funky all night long to 'Get Lucky'.

It's been great, and we'll be taking some time off now whilst we get writing some more tunes. Probably tunes about how much I enjoy a cold Augustiner Helles....

Thankyou, The Kabeedies x