Tuesday 25 May 2010

Just found this....

A wonderfully beautiful animation to accompany a German artist 'Hauschka' who i think is unbelievable... There's 3 parts: A Memory, An Idea and A Lilt. I'm hoping the last one involves a tropical fruit drink.


Fab x

Mein Taschenrechner ist gebrochen!!

So, we went to Munich at the weekend.
Sadly we didn't meet the lovely prince pictured in the earlier post.
However we did meet some fantastic people and had an amazing time, I don't think we've ever felt more welcome on tour.
So thank you Bavaria!!
Here's a little taste of what happened...

We found this kabeedies release alongside tin man and fresh legs in a lovely record store. How did they get this? Suspicious...

Peter took us to an absolutely massive graveyard and the first thing we saw was a creepy crow perched on a grave. Bearing in mind we hadn't slept the night before, this sight was more than terrifying.

I don't know if any of you have ever been to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich but I'll tell you now it is a unique experience. Beer, pretzels and men in leiderhosen. God bless Bavaria.

In the Hofbräuhaus people levitate beers into other people's mouths.

Our lovely friend Hugo Da Cruz, one half of the amazing Da Cruz duo that is Mondo Ray.
He says super crazy a lot. A lot.

Evan can now do impressions of a rocket and an iPad.

Does this even need a caption?

The beautiful surroundings of the Theatron Festival where we played. With the not so beautiful Fab.

Katie's boyfriend would be so jealous if he saw this example of how much attention she gets from boys. He didn't stop staring at her for absolutely ages. New youngest fan?

Playitloud aka Peter Schneider : the most helpful, generous and overall amazing person to gig for. He made it happen!

We're back in Germany in June for more of the same so watch this space!

Rory x

27th - Brixton

@ the rest is noise
442 Brixton road

its going to be truly superb.
BIG post about Munich will be up soon with pics and tales to die for.

Monday 24 May 2010

Re-blog from Elle "I Live In Wonderland".

This is the music video of a local band I am going to see in July, who will also be at Latitude, this is the first song from their debut album, and I can't stop listening to the song over and over again, oh and it helps that the drummer (in my opinion) is insanely cute!

I agree!
Go watch!

From wemakeourownadventures.blogspot

Thursday 20 May 2010

So we're off to Munich

Well we are all waiting in anticipation to take the early morning journey to stansted through to Memmingen through to peter's place!
It's going to be a Bavarian weekend for The Kabeedies!

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Fiesta Obscenic in Liverpool

On the last night of our tour, the 8th May in Liverpool, we were treated to one of the most wonderful nights and days we'll ever enjoy. We were playing for our good buddy Joe Wills, who plays in a fucking brilliant Liverpool-based band called Dire Wolfe, who'd booked us originally for the Caledonia - but due to cancellations and noodle bar constructions we were left fairly in the dark at where the gig would be.

Upon arriving at our destination (designated by Yardie, our rasta sat nav), we discovered Joe had brought us to an abandoned Town House, Casa De Brujas, that had been taken over by a group of artists who had kindly allowed Joe and his team to put on what they called 'Fiesta Obscenic'....

This whole amazing victorian townhouse had been transformed by a small group of students led by Joe, into an art installation, jumble sale, bar and double gig-room...all in the name of charity. So we dived in, as people started to flood in from 4pm...we nicked some Cameras and bounced around the house, filming, drinking and watching amazing band after amazing band. We'd never felt so priviledged to be among such insanely talented, ambitious people - it was like being in the Factory or something, and Joe was an even more sexually confused Andy Warhol, playing us like puppets. Personally, my favourite bands were Blue Demon (an amazing Rockabilly band), We Come Out Like Tigers and Stealing Sheep - but everyone was amazing, literally we've never seen such a fabulous group of bands in one place. Liverpool is sick. We played a nuts show, before Tom Sheriff took me out on the drumkit before we lay, motionless, in a pool of my sweat - like the moment of peace after having made love.

Congratulations to Joe, and everyone involved with Obscenic.

Check them out on facebook, we will have lots of photos soon..........


Tuesday 11 May 2010

The pizza and chocolate years.

I (Rory) am preparing for tonight's gig by eating pizza and chocolate and listening to harlem.
More information to follow on what katie is doing to prepare...

the lasagna years

In preparation for our gig tonight with the nme radar tour myself and evan are making pizza topped with lasagna, and it is looking spectacularrrr. We've prepped the hospital and we look forward to playing tonight in wheelchairs. Redbull for afters xxx

Friday 7 May 2010

House party

In the next election the 'house party' will be running for a seat in suffolk coastal. With evan as party leader, rory as deputy leader and chief whip, fab as chancellor of the exchequer and katie as home secretary. Oh and craig as health minister. Vote seriously fun change x

Cameron, get a clue.

What is your problem?
People don't need overpaid bureacrats and dead foxes.

Winchester Railway and Tot Hill Politics

We had a really fun gig at the Winchester Railway last night where we were treated really well by the venue and the crowd were awesome. Seriously nursing our wounds from bristol the night before (we'll tell you another time), we returned to the travelodge in Tot Hill to find that the bloody Maccy D's had closed, so me and Evan had to make do with Hot Choccy and BBQ Mini Cheddars whilst watching the election. We awoke to see boris johnson calling someone a sausage and we sat listening to the leaders speeches this morning. We're not sure whether to be excited or scared....
What is sure though, is that we're gonna have a siq out time in Leicester tonight at the firebug, and we'll be hanging out like a parliament.

Love, Fab xxx

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Thin white duke on tour.

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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Looks like Misty from Pokémon.

First day of tour 04/05/10.

So hello there.
We are in Cardiff at the buffalo bar getting prepared for what looks like a lovely gig. Did a session today for John Kennedy XFM which was fun, fun, fun. Our "professionalism" always shines in situations like radio...

So, many pictures and words to come over the next few days from us on tour!