Monday 26 July 2010

3 Hours is a long time in Band-politics

Well...... i bugger off to watch Toy Story 3 (seriously nice movie), and when i return i find that our new single has it's artwork completed and is ready to pre-order on 7" Vinyl and Download.

Our single is 'Come Out of The Blue', and the b-side is 'Milk' - and it's gonna be released on the 4th October which is Rory's birthday, so we'll be celebrating with a tuna sandwich and a walk on the beach.

We're really happy with the songs, and the photo used for the cover - which was taken by the lovely Ruby Squires.

You can pre-order Come Out Of The Blue now, from

Love, Fab xxxx

Thursday 15 July 2010

Upcoming Dates

Before i head off to watch These Ghosts, Girls, Vampire Weekend, Florence and the Machine, Tokyo Police Club and Darwin Deez at possibly the best latitude festival ever....i thought i'd scribble down our tour dates leading up to a bigger tour to be announced in October...

They are:

22 Jul
Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds
23 Jul
Amplified @ Inside Out - Darlington
24 Jul
The Georgian - Stockton on Tees
27 Jul
30 Jul
The Hop - Wakefield
31 Jul
Bradford Playhouse - Bradford
12 Aug
The Puppet Theatre - Norwich, Supporting Violet Violet.
14 Aug
Karrera Klub @ Magnet - Berlin, Germany
15 Aug
Dockville Festival - Hamburg - Germany
20 Aug
Castle Calling Festival - Richmond Castle, North Yorkshire
21 Aug
VW Festival - Fritton Lake, Gorleston, East Anglia
18 Sep
Hog in Armour - Norwich

See you around Campers xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Evan writes a song.....

Sung to a melody suspiciously like "Fast Cars" by Tracey Chapman

"You've got a nice bra, but you can't take it off 'cos your arms are too short.
You've got a nice bra, i can take it off if you wanna...

I've got a nice bra, it's see through with the tassels on,
I've got a nice bra, but David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off,

David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off

I used to have a nice bra, but David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
I used to have a nice bra, fuck you David Hasselhoff."

By Evan Jones, Aged 19

Thursday 1 July 2010

Metronome Foam Dome

We're also pleased to announce that we're in the studio next week to record our new single, entitled 'Come Out Of The Blue', which some of you might have heard. It's my first time drumming with a click-track metronome in my ear so that's gonna be busy making me it's bitch for a couple of days. The single will be out in October, coinciding with the German release of our album 'Rumpus'.

There's only a few copies of the UK version left, so if you want one - speed on over to, as there'll only be 100 copies of the export (German) album to buy. Although.... the export album will have lots of exclusive tracks on it...including Jitterbug Re-Edit.

Love you all
Fab x