Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Moving forward

We develop. As a band we're doing so now, being cleverer with our music and such. more sophisticated. Then I listen to Turbo Fruits and all i wanna do is write a song to break stuff to.
Love, Fab xxx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

May tour

Our May, double headline tour with These Ghosts has now been announced. A few more of our own headline shows TBA, but the rest are up at

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Come On

Well that's pretty rad, Xbox are using our song 'Come On' on their advert for the Kinect thingy. The people playing it look pretty happy....

You can buy Come On on iTunes for 79p, search 'The Kabeedies' xxx

Home agin...x

We’re home again from an unreal tour of Germany. And once we re-adjust to English and not eating Ham and Cheese, we’ll tell you some stories and share some photos…xxx Fab

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hooray we're going to Germany!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Our New Single is Out Today!

Come out of the Blue is out today (4th October) on NrOne Records... here's how to get it....


7" Vinyl, with Free Mp3 Download codes:

orrr iTunes

We're so so happy with this song, and the vinyl artwork is a treat too

Just 79 piddly pennies on iTunes, you know it makes sense

Love, Fab xxxx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Screw our video

I love you tokyo police club

Fab x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Come Out of The Blue

Out on the 4th October on 7" Vinyl and Download, pre-order it here:

Harry 'Sergio Leone' Hall

We've been filming this weekend for the video to our new single 'Come Out Of The Blue', with demanding camera jockey Harry Hall - who's been prepping and shouting our motivation at us across the dusty cactus-deserts of Suffolk and Norfolk. There's a good few shots of Evan in just his pants (something which our manager craig was particularly keen on), and our friends Morph and Chandos sweaty from a good ol' fashioned bit of Woodbridge wheely-boarding.

It'll be up ASAP, as soon as we get rid of the frame of Harry's penis

Come Out of The Blue is released on the 4th October and you can pre-order it here

Fab xxxx

Friday, 17 September 2010

I got home from the USA this morning.

I ate hotdogs, cheese dogs, grapeade, STRAWBERRY AND PEANUT BUTTER M&M'S!, mountain dew, cherry mountain dew, reese's pieces, famous dave's barbeque pit, mac&cheese and various other nutritious food stuffs.

I am full until next week.

So I am home and ready for music, fully inspired by Obama, the Empire State and seeing Keith from We Are Scientists on the Subway.
And I watched Prince of Persia and Karate Kid on the plane (watch karate kid, will smith's son is amazing but his wife is less good) so that inspired me too.

And it turns out McDonalds "Sausage McGriddle" is a BAD food item, never eat it.
It's just pancakes and sausage meat.
With syrup.

Well anyway as fab said, much second album songwriting shall commence.
With an american twang of hey y'all.

Rory xxx

My saviour

It's been a couple of weeks full of numbing malaise...with Evan and Rory away on holiday, myself and Katie were left to pick our bums. Well, to be fair, Katie had work at the Birdcage most of the time, and i, aside from the occasional distraction of trying to get myself injured at football, have been sat in a puddle in Lowestoft vainly attempting to songwrite.
With the onset of a murky guilt as i realise i definately should be doing something more constructive than sitting with my head on a guitar, occasionally flicking through pages of Winnie-The-Pooh or Harry Potter, i resign myself to the fact that i can't actually entertain myself or do anything particularly productive in my house. My mind drifting listlessly between South American politics and Football Manager, and internal monologue droning on like that last sentence i wrote.
But help came in the help of an African Songsmith Prince Nico Mbarga, who's my musical of now i suppose, until i forget about him in a week or so. But while i remember anyway, here's some of his stuff... enjoy.
Rory returns from New York this weekend, and we commence writing on our 2nd album. Sweet musical release, ahhh.......
Fab x

Monday, 13 September 2010

check this dude out

So good, they're called 'Hang', and i am so getting some. A mean pair of metal boobs...

Come out of the blue video

We join forces again next week with our favourite camera-wielding maniac Harry Hall, from These Ghosts, for a 2 day jaunt around the country in his car to film the video for our new single 'Come Out Of The Blue' which is out on the 4th October.
I can't wait for it to come out, we're all so happy with the song and we hope you like it too. We're touring around the UK and Germany in October to support it, so come and watch us and we might give you one of our packets of mustard.
But right now I'm gonna sit down with a Macaroni Cheese and wait, staring at a blank screen, for the Inbetweeners to return....

If you wanna Pre-Order Come Out Of The Blue, you can do so from, and aswell as the 7" Vinyl, you'll get Free Download codes for the MP3's to it and the b-side 'Milk'.

Love, Fab xxx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Come Out Of The Blue Tour

we've been waiting for this for a while.... to support the release of our new single 'Come Out of The Blue' on the 4th October, we undertake our biggest tour to date...

Here she is:

29 Sep 2010 20:00
Mello Mello Liverpool, Northwest, UNITED KINGDOM

30 Sep 2010 18:30
UCA Farnham Guildford, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

1 Oct 2010 20:30
Mother's Ruin Bristol, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

2 Oct 2010 19:30
The Riverside Barnstaple, Devon, UNITED KINGDOM

3 Oct 2010 18:30
Cardiff Arts Institute Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

5 Oct 2010 18:30
Bloomsbury Bowling Lane, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

7 Oct 2010 19:00

8 Oct 2010 19:00
Take 5 - COME OUT OF THE BLUE Single Launch Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM

9 Oct 2010 15:00
Take 5 - COME OUT OF THE BLUE All ages single launch Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM

15 Oct 2010 20:00
Swamp, Freiburg, GERMANY

16 Oct 2010 21:00
1210, Stuttgart, GERMANY

17 Oct 2010 21:00
KIK, Dornbirn, GERMANY

18 Oct 2010 21:00
Kino, Riedlingen, GERMANY

19 Oct 2010 22:00
Atomic Cafe, Munich, GERMANY

20 Oct 2010 20:00

22 Oct 2010 21:00
Kulturrampe, Krefeld, GERMANY

24 Oct 2010 20:00

25 Oct 2010 20:30
Wintergarten, Landshut, GERMANY

26 Oct 2010 21:00

27 Oct 2010 20:00
Waschhaus, Potsdam, GERMANY

28 Oct 2010 20:00
Treue, Bremen, GERMANY

29 Oct 2010 20:00
Kreuz, Fulda, GERMANY

All times are Approx.

Love yew

Fab x

Monday, 30 August 2010


So, Evan's on spain.... and we're back in England fresh from touring's bright lights and feeling pretty squiffy and down. Until Roary calls up and we decide to do some songwriting... which is starting to work well for us again. Plus Katie won at Twister at the Weekend. I also stumbled upon some lovely things people had said about us on Tumblr, which is massively self-indulgent i know - but hey... no i've got nothing i'm just self-indulgent.

PLUS, I'm listening to Tokyo Police Club's knew album, which is as amazing as i knew it would be


Love, Fab-Kabeedie xxxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Chill out

This is a composition by our friend Jack Spellman.....maybe tuck in to a glass of red?

The Mill by J_Brady

Our single launch shows

To celebrate the release of our new single 'Come Out of The Blue' and B-side 'Milk', we're putting on 2 shows at Norwich's Take 5, opposite the cathedral. It's only a 50 capacity venue so they're gonna be real intimate and sweaty, but it also means tickets are limited. On that note, we're offering tickets at £4 on a first come first served basis. So if you want to come to the over 18's show on the 8th October at 8pm, email your name and the names of anyone you know who wants tickets to

We're also putting on an all ages show at 2pm on the 9th October, and if you want tickets for that, specify all ages and email your names across too.

Support bands are TBA, amd we've got lots of plans afoot, so get in early or the 50 tickets will be gone.

Come out of the blue will be released on the 4th October (Rory's birthday), and is availiable to pre-order now at

Love, Fab-Kabeedie xxxxx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Good times at the Puppet Theatre

For Violet Violet's last gig... thanks girls, we love you. We also love Mondo Ray...

Thursday, 19 August 2010


The B-Side to our new single 'Come Out of The Blue', this is called Milk, filmed and edited by Harry Hall of These Ghosts.......

Monday, 26 July 2010

3 Hours is a long time in Band-politics

Well...... i bugger off to watch Toy Story 3 (seriously nice movie), and when i return i find that our new single has it's artwork completed and is ready to pre-order on 7" Vinyl and Download.

Our single is 'Come Out of The Blue', and the b-side is 'Milk' - and it's gonna be released on the 4th October which is Rory's birthday, so we'll be celebrating with a tuna sandwich and a walk on the beach.

We're really happy with the songs, and the photo used for the cover - which was taken by the lovely Ruby Squires.

You can pre-order Come Out Of The Blue now, from

Love, Fab xxxx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Upcoming Dates

Before i head off to watch These Ghosts, Girls, Vampire Weekend, Florence and the Machine, Tokyo Police Club and Darwin Deez at possibly the best latitude festival ever....i thought i'd scribble down our tour dates leading up to a bigger tour to be announced in October...

They are:

22 Jul
Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds
23 Jul
Amplified @ Inside Out - Darlington
24 Jul
The Georgian - Stockton on Tees
27 Jul
30 Jul
The Hop - Wakefield
31 Jul
Bradford Playhouse - Bradford
12 Aug
The Puppet Theatre - Norwich, Supporting Violet Violet.
14 Aug
Karrera Klub @ Magnet - Berlin, Germany
15 Aug
Dockville Festival - Hamburg - Germany
20 Aug
Castle Calling Festival - Richmond Castle, North Yorkshire
21 Aug
VW Festival - Fritton Lake, Gorleston, East Anglia
18 Sep
Hog in Armour - Norwich

See you around Campers xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Evan writes a song.....

Sung to a melody suspiciously like "Fast Cars" by Tracey Chapman

"You've got a nice bra, but you can't take it off 'cos your arms are too short.
You've got a nice bra, i can take it off if you wanna...

I've got a nice bra, it's see through with the tassels on,
I've got a nice bra, but David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off,

David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off

I used to have a nice bra, but David Hasselhoff cut the tassels off
I used to have a nice bra, fuck you David Hasselhoff."

By Evan Jones, Aged 19

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Metronome Foam Dome

We're also pleased to announce that we're in the studio next week to record our new single, entitled 'Come Out Of The Blue', which some of you might have heard. It's my first time drumming with a click-track metronome in my ear so that's gonna be busy making me it's bitch for a couple of days. The single will be out in October, coinciding with the German release of our album 'Rumpus'.

There's only a few copies of the UK version left, so if you want one - speed on over to, as there'll only be 100 copies of the export (German) album to buy. Although.... the export album will have lots of exclusive tracks on it...including Jitterbug Re-Edit.

Love you all
Fab x

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

NO EVAN! We're not leaving yet....

After the first half of our week, we had consumed many steins of lovely german Brau, and watched a shit-ton of football in the sun. Nothing, it seemed, could top our fun for the week. That is, until we stumble upon the winning combination of a rad gig, a free bar, and a hotel that is 5 minutes down the road.

The venue 'Schwarzes Shaf' (probably mis-spelled that), was super sweet, and really really really hot. And after a worryingly sweaty soundcheck we retreated to the sanctuary of it's nearby sister-cafe to enjoy a wee coffee and watch italy go out of the world cup. Nice. We met our lovely buddy and booking agent Peter, and his daughter Joana (one of Peter's two daughters who are both insane and thouroughly rad) for a curry, which under the circumstances was easily the worst meal we could have thought to have. The gig was amazing though, and fully lived up to it's sweaty vibe. We met two guys who seemed very ennamered with me, and tried to convince me they were english despite raving german accents and confusing Manchester with Macclesfield. This continued a theme for the night as we met wonderful person after wonderful person, until Evan decided he'd had enough of wonderful people and preceeded to go throw up in the toilet. I should imagine his idea of mixing jagermeister into beer had a little to do with this. After seeing to Evan in the toilet and leaving him to a giggling Katie, i went on to dance an odd waltz with Roary and Craig to Darwin Deez as we continued to expand the horizons of modern dance. Until they too fell to the mistress that is drink and stumbled back in the general direction of the hotel.

Craig (our manager and spritual guru...and Rory's dad) returned a few minutes later to order a beer whilst casually notioning to me that he'd left rory in the doorway of the wrong hotel, throwing up. Unpurturbed by this, he proceeded to drink his beer and kindly ask the barlady where our hotel actually was - upon which he realised he'd gone to the hotel directly opposite. Picking up a stricken Rory on the way home, Katie and I walked them back to the beautiful hotel which they all sicked on. We then went back out again for a quick one. And met a nice irish girl....

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Oh! Flugzeug!

We are half way through our week in lovely Germany!
We played a super gig at Puerto Giesing last night and wolfed down several more pizza´s, we love bread and meat.
We had a super session for a bavarian radio station yesterday and had the privilege of watching the England game at the same time, our reactions to qualifying were definitely caught live on air...
We are off down the big Bahn to Augsberg now to watch more football, eat more pizza, drink more beer and play another gig. Perfect.
Tshabalala, everything will be alright i promise.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Germany! Mark 2, or 3? I don't know...

So tonight we hop on the midnight ferry to Germany!
As previously posted we are playing in Stuttgart, Munich, Augsberg and Wiesbaden.
We depart at 1900 hours sharp and should be in Stuttgart 12 hours later, god bless driving!
I think these guys are coming to one of the gigs:

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Whilst Fab proposes an ambitious attempt at making country-relevant cuisine for each night of the World Cup, the rest of us are locked in the rehearsal studio songwriting and recording for our second album. We're real pleased with how everything is going so far and we've got 5 or 6 songs on the go, which is certainly a first for us... as usually we get one done in about 4 months and break every 30 seconds for a cigarette and a taco.
As this is going on, we've got plans to record our new single for release in September in the UK... we'll let you know all the relevant details as they unfold, but the single is gonna be 'Come Out Of The Blue' which is one of our newest songs and it makes us very chipper to be releasing it. We're going in to the studio to record it next month so we'll keep you posted. We should probably have a few good photos of Evan with tape on his face again, or hopefully Fab next to the guy from the Darkness who's studio we're recording the drums in (our hero).
The single release will co-incide with the German release of our debut album 'Rumpus' in September , and we're very happy to have that distributed in Europe. It'll have a number of extra-tracks on it including 'Jitterbug Re-Edit', among others. Plus we'll be touring Germany lots for that release, as well as the UK in October.

As the world cup progresses, we head off to Germany for a 4 date tour from the 22nd 'til the 25th, which should be siiick and we're really happy to be heading back to see our buddies in the Hofbrauhaus - which is like oktoberfest all day everyday.
Our shows are:
Zwolfzehn - Stuttgart, 22nd june

Puerto Giesing (an old supermarket) - Munich, 23rd June

Schwarzes Shaf - Augsberg, 24th June

Kulturpalast - Wiesbaden, 25th June

We're also heading on a couple of breif UK stints, including:

BBC Introducing, Chapelfield Gardens - Norwich : 10th July

22 Jul 2010 20:00
Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds, UK

23 Jul 2010 20:00
Amplified @ Inside Out -Darlington, GB

24 Jul 2010 20:00
The Georgian - Stockton on Tees, GB

27 Jul 2010 20:00
SNUFFED IT @ The Cross Kings - London, UNITED KINGDOM

30 Jul 2010 20:00

31 Jul 2010 20:30

So we look forward to seeing you all, and maybe at a couple of the festivals we're playing this year in the UK and Germany - Castle Calling in Richmond on the 20th August, and Dockville Festival in Hamburg on the 15th August.

Love you all
The Kabeedies xxx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just found this....

A wonderfully beautiful animation to accompany a German artist 'Hauschka' who i think is unbelievable... There's 3 parts: A Memory, An Idea and A Lilt. I'm hoping the last one involves a tropical fruit drink.


Fab x

Mein Taschenrechner ist gebrochen!!

So, we went to Munich at the weekend.
Sadly we didn't meet the lovely prince pictured in the earlier post.
However we did meet some fantastic people and had an amazing time, I don't think we've ever felt more welcome on tour.
So thank you Bavaria!!
Here's a little taste of what happened...

We found this kabeedies release alongside tin man and fresh legs in a lovely record store. How did they get this? Suspicious...

Peter took us to an absolutely massive graveyard and the first thing we saw was a creepy crow perched on a grave. Bearing in mind we hadn't slept the night before, this sight was more than terrifying.

I don't know if any of you have ever been to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich but I'll tell you now it is a unique experience. Beer, pretzels and men in leiderhosen. God bless Bavaria.

In the Hofbräuhaus people levitate beers into other people's mouths.

Our lovely friend Hugo Da Cruz, one half of the amazing Da Cruz duo that is Mondo Ray.
He says super crazy a lot. A lot.

Evan can now do impressions of a rocket and an iPad.

Does this even need a caption?

The beautiful surroundings of the Theatron Festival where we played. With the not so beautiful Fab.

Katie's boyfriend would be so jealous if he saw this example of how much attention she gets from boys. He didn't stop staring at her for absolutely ages. New youngest fan?

Playitloud aka Peter Schneider : the most helpful, generous and overall amazing person to gig for. He made it happen!

We're back in Germany in June for more of the same so watch this space!

Rory x

27th - Brixton

@ the rest is noise
442 Brixton road

its going to be truly superb.
BIG post about Munich will be up soon with pics and tales to die for.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Re-blog from Elle "I Live In Wonderland".

This is the music video of a local band I am going to see in July, who will also be at Latitude, this is the first song from their debut album, and I can't stop listening to the song over and over again, oh and it helps that the drummer (in my opinion) is insanely cute!

I agree!
Go watch!

From wemakeourownadventures.blogspot

Thursday, 20 May 2010

So we're off to Munich

Well we are all waiting in anticipation to take the early morning journey to stansted through to Memmingen through to peter's place!
It's going to be a Bavarian weekend for The Kabeedies!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fiesta Obscenic in Liverpool

On the last night of our tour, the 8th May in Liverpool, we were treated to one of the most wonderful nights and days we'll ever enjoy. We were playing for our good buddy Joe Wills, who plays in a fucking brilliant Liverpool-based band called Dire Wolfe, who'd booked us originally for the Caledonia - but due to cancellations and noodle bar constructions we were left fairly in the dark at where the gig would be.

Upon arriving at our destination (designated by Yardie, our rasta sat nav), we discovered Joe had brought us to an abandoned Town House, Casa De Brujas, that had been taken over by a group of artists who had kindly allowed Joe and his team to put on what they called 'Fiesta Obscenic'....

This whole amazing victorian townhouse had been transformed by a small group of students led by Joe, into an art installation, jumble sale, bar and double gig-room...all in the name of charity. So we dived in, as people started to flood in from 4pm...we nicked some Cameras and bounced around the house, filming, drinking and watching amazing band after amazing band. We'd never felt so priviledged to be among such insanely talented, ambitious people - it was like being in the Factory or something, and Joe was an even more sexually confused Andy Warhol, playing us like puppets. Personally, my favourite bands were Blue Demon (an amazing Rockabilly band), We Come Out Like Tigers and Stealing Sheep - but everyone was amazing, literally we've never seen such a fabulous group of bands in one place. Liverpool is sick. We played a nuts show, before Tom Sheriff took me out on the drumkit before we lay, motionless, in a pool of my sweat - like the moment of peace after having made love.

Congratulations to Joe, and everyone involved with Obscenic.

Check them out on facebook, we will have lots of photos soon..........

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The pizza and chocolate years.

I (Rory) am preparing for tonight's gig by eating pizza and chocolate and listening to harlem.
More information to follow on what katie is doing to prepare...

the lasagna years

In preparation for our gig tonight with the nme radar tour myself and evan are making pizza topped with lasagna, and it is looking spectacularrrr. We've prepped the hospital and we look forward to playing tonight in wheelchairs. Redbull for afters xxx

Friday, 7 May 2010

House party

In the next election the 'house party' will be running for a seat in suffolk coastal. With evan as party leader, rory as deputy leader and chief whip, fab as chancellor of the exchequer and katie as home secretary. Oh and craig as health minister. Vote seriously fun change x

Cameron, get a clue.

What is your problem?
People don't need overpaid bureacrats and dead foxes.

Winchester Railway and Tot Hill Politics

We had a really fun gig at the Winchester Railway last night where we were treated really well by the venue and the crowd were awesome. Seriously nursing our wounds from bristol the night before (we'll tell you another time), we returned to the travelodge in Tot Hill to find that the bloody Maccy D's had closed, so me and Evan had to make do with Hot Choccy and BBQ Mini Cheddars whilst watching the election. We awoke to see boris johnson calling someone a sausage and we sat listening to the leaders speeches this morning. We're not sure whether to be excited or scared....
What is sure though, is that we're gonna have a siq out time in Leicester tonight at the firebug, and we'll be hanging out like a parliament.

Love, Fab xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thin white duke on tour.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Looks like Misty from Pokémon.

First day of tour 04/05/10.

So hello there.
We are in Cardiff at the buffalo bar getting prepared for what looks like a lovely gig. Did a session today for John Kennedy XFM which was fun, fun, fun. Our "professionalism" always shines in situations like radio...

So, many pictures and words to come over the next few days from us on tour!



Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fab watches the politics

I’ve just watched the televised political debate between the 3 leaders of the main parties in Britain on the BBC iPlayer… which I thought in general was brilliant. A brilliant idea for politics and the country in general I felt, but not only that – I found I was riveted and excited by the whole deal, something I don’t often associate with watching Cameron and Brown trade insults. So I’ve decided to rather self-indulgently share my thoughts with you….

It began in a strange way for me, I found myself believing in David Cameron’s opening points which in itself scared the crap out of me as I’d not empathised with any of his views thus far in the election. He made some interesting points about Immigration whereas Nick Clegg made a few worrying ones about a regional working system which frankly evoked a vision of 1984 for me, and (for me) some poorly thought out ways of reducing crimes committed by young people (essentially cleaning up parks and streets will apparently reform young criminals).

Another really good feeling I got about the whole open televised debate idea was the general consensus from all 3 about cutting beaurocracy in the NHS, the civil service and the care system. Let’s make it happen please.

Nick Clegg for me proceeded to tear apart Cameron and Brown’s arguments about reform in the House of Commons and in the police force by simply reminding them that they had voted against such reforms previously in Parliament. He then cemented his position, in my opinion, as the strongest candidate by working through how he would fund a tax cut for the first £20,000 bracket of income tax. This began a theme, a rather encouraging one for me, where Clegg would consistently talk through how he planned to free up funds for each promise he made – contrastingly to the promises of Brown and Cameron. An honest politician who proves he’s thought first of most of the ideas the other two are putting forward to gather public favour, and talking us through his figures, surely not?

Economy…seems a basic choice between putting money in or taking it out of the system, and frankly I trust Gordon Brown’s idea of putting £6bn more into the economy so as to bouy it slightly and reduce the threat of a collapse in employment similar to that in the 1980’s… as unpopular as it would sound to be pumping in more money to such a poorly run system. Such an experienced economic servant would surely not be offering a means of renewal that would appear so unpopular and achieve nothing more than to waste more money and spiral us further into our recession black hole. Clegg and Cameron offer the opposing view, unsurprisingly, but as no expert on the economy I really really can’t figure out who is pitching the right move.

Of course, there was the rigorous bore of hearing the opening and closing speeches mainly just involving the buzz-words ‘hope’ and ‘change’. But overall I felt generally good about the whole thing, maybe down to a televised debate being such a first for politics – but I feel more strongly that it’s a belief that now in the Lib Dems there’s a party that has made me feel better about British politics for the first time in a very long while. Plus Clegg is actually quite handsome if you squint a bit.

Let me know what you guys think

Love, Fab-Kabeedie xxxx

Springtime for Norwich

It's been 2 weeks of rest for us this easter, well... i say rest but generally we've been in the midst of trying our best to think outside the box in terms of songwriting. This, for me, entailed sitting in my flat listening to Vampire Weekend's new album on repeat for many, many hours. Trying to emulate their wide range of influences proved difficult however as i realised i couldn't really play any other form of percussion other than a standard drumkit... so tabla was out. Relief came in the form of an enthusiastic Katie, who soon had the enthusiasm sucked out of her (it was gooey) by my repeatedly trying to teach her to play samba on a high tom. All frustrations aside she coped pretty well and managed not to bash my head in with the wooden spoons we used as drumsticks, so another weapon is added to our arsenal - a ginger bird with a big drum.

Our songwriting in general is going really well, some of you who've been to any of our gigs recently will have heard 'Come Out of the Blue', which we're really pleased with. We're also in the process of nailing another couple of ideas we're excited about too which we should hopefully be airing in May/June when we tour the UK and Germany again (check for details).

Dj'ing is an exciting new pastime i've picked up recently. After Evan and I did a few Dj sets last year, he taught me how to (try to) beatmatch and such on a CDJ and how to mix basically from laptop to laptop. So when we'd Dj together i'd stand doing a silly dance spinning my hat around while he did most of the work, leading to a serious false sense of accomplishment on my part. This led to me volunteering to DJ a couple of times in Norwich at the Birdcage Pub and Mustard. The latter being with my flatmate Nelly (who's in a Norwich band called Myboy/Mygirl), and after a disaster to start with... involving the Cd's we'd prepared not working at all and just making a farty noise, which went down well with 100 or so revellers... he promptly legged it out of the entire club and down the road to our flat, where he stayed a shivering mass underneath his bed - leaving me to apologise profusely and scrape together songs from other DJ's. You prick Nelly.

My passion for Aeroplanes has also been fuelled recently by the discovery that you can buy MAGAZINES devoted wholly to the subject of classic planes and airships and stuff. The things that soulless anti-social geek dreams are made of... and maybe could help me find a new replica pair of WW2 Flying Goggles, as i lost the last pair while i was bobbing for apples.

Not that i actually saw the political debate that went on between the 3 major parties t'other day, but i felt that hear-say and picking up the snippets of conversations between people in the pub gave me enough of a background knowledge to write some lyrics about it. So that's what i'm working on now, the british election and a song about fidel castro.... i'm a sodding genius

The others have probably been doing stuff too but to be fair none of them are interesting in the slightest so i wouldn't worry

Love, Fab-Kabeedie xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Never have we been so overwhelmed by a country like Germany... we can't thank enough the promoters who put us on, the friends we made or the people who came to see us. We've had an unbelieveable time over the last week and we feel it's only right to fill you in on our adventures, where to begin....

Incredibly, the psychopathic northern machine that is our manager Craig managed to make the journey from London, leaving at 1am, to Hamburg, arriving at 7pm, only having nearly killed us twice. Instead of bedding down for the night, we decided exploring late-night Hamburg was worth the price of feeling even more bleary-eyed in the morning, and suitably we ended up playing poker in a sports bar 'til 4am... until i had to go back to the hotel crying from being too drunk on weissbeer.

In the morning we took a stroll around Hamburg, and discovered just what a great city it is. From the wonderfully anarchistic support of FC St.Pauli (where the emblem is just a skull and crossbones) to the plethora of independant record shops where Roary found his soul again, mainly in little-known garage rock vinyl. We met our good buddy david in a cafe and he toured us around and showed us Hamburg's greatest stationary shop.
Our gig in the evening was at the Indra Club in Hamburg, which is where the Beatles first played in Germany. And we had some familiar faces in the audience in the shape of buddies we'd met at Dockville festival the last year. The show was faaabulous, we had no idea what to expect and the amazing crowd gave us 3 encores. We drank beer to celebrate. Before going our with our good friends Florentine and David, which involved seeing Germany's most famous gas station, the golden poodle club, and sitting in a hotel bar at 8am while Roary asked everyone if he could have a sausage. He couldn't.

Next day we made the trip to Leipzig with our friend Yannick...who was to put up with a lot of us over the following 24 hours.....
When we got to Leipzig we were playing at the Sweat Club, which in England would've been our worst a nightclub with dancey tunes where people just wouldn't want to hear us. But god damn it was different here. We went on at 1am and people were fabulous, the front row were singing the words and even the slow songs went down well. Afterwards everyone came to the bar for some Jagerbombs, which we all enjoyed, and to listen to the amazing barman Emmanuel. He was truly a genius. Formerly the drummer for Jason Mraz and Jamiroquai... he taught me many things, and shared several cocktails that would burn the hairs off a toad.

Waking up at 3pm on our day off was an unexpected form of bliss, and after revitalising ourselves with lemon beer (a suprising success in the morning) we returned to the venue to find Evan had drunkenly written 'The Kabeedies' over most surfaces in the club.

We returned to Hamburg to spend a few stolen hours with our music shop friends, who made us coffee, replaced the things i'd inexplicably lost, and enticed Roary with a rare bass head from southend...

Kiel was our next date, playing with a fine fine lad by the name of David Park who'd been our guide to all things German thus far, and had also taught me the proper way to kiss. Before the show we'd recieved an email from the bar saying that we had to "play quietly", which we found odd.... but upon reaching the venue (which was a charming cafe-bar) we realised it was pretty much a semi-acoustic gig...which we're rarely prepared for.
After being kindly fed and watered, and meeting possibly the fluffiest dog in the world, we set about sellotaping my clothes onto the drumkit to dull everything, and turning the intstruments down to -1.
Saying that, we really really enjoyed this show, the audience were fantastic and the gig was a real challenge that we kind of pulled off. We'll be returning to Kiel soon no doubt.

Roary had a tattoo appointment arranged the next day, to get Damon Albarn's head on his left butt cheek - so myself, Evan and Katie set off to motor FM in Berlin, for a radio show with an amazing presenter who had to translate literally everything we said instantly. That place was reeaaal nice, very trendy office, if you ever want a cool office job - look up motor fm.
The gig in Berlin was at the Bang Bang club under a railway in one of the poshest parts of Berlin, and the architecture was bloody stunning. The whole place was stunning really but we were wrenched away from sightseeing to soundcheck before going for a lavley meal. The gig was great and as our last show in Germany we gave it our all, it was probaly our smallest crowd but there were some real characters in the audience and we had a wonderful time. We returned to our hostel very very satisfied, playing pool 'til 4am and having arguments about prostitutes (rory and evan had been approached by a pimp during the night) with our new friend Marvin. Marvin was a bio-molecular scientist and explained to us how worm-eggs can cure asthma and how we should feed them to Katie, so throw them at her the next chance you get. In the morning, we left Marvin at his lab as he attempted to save the world, and we hopped in the van for our 11 hour drive home.

We'll be returning there very soon, June and September.
Kann Ich Habe Eine Wurst?

Love, Fab-Kabeedie xxx

Monday, 22 March 2010

2 Chicken donners and Evan's ass-foam

We began our tour this month, in support of our new single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit', with an ambitious show at the Norwich Arts Centre. Usually, as a band, we like the theory that we give our all at every show - and needn't use too many gimmicks in order to make things special... But armed with the reasoning that we wanted to reward the fans that had treated us so well over the last couple of years, and make this show memorable - we set upon 2 days rehearsal and preparation.

We'd certainly be the first to say we're not the most organised band on earth, but we're all proud of how the show turned out - with the grandiose Cello of our good friend Kayleigh and the lovely Vagabond Trills backing us in Jitterbug, and with sporadic covers and segways rolled in - the show was definately one for us to remember, and hopefully you guys too. We were supported by the vocally unbelieveable Calum Duncan, who brought tears to my eyes repeatedly (the massive jerk) and who was backed superbly by Alex Hill, The Vagabond Trills - who we're all in love with - and the fantastic We Can't Dance, who I expect to see much more of in the future. Bloody Good Night.

Although.... health-wise, that was our peak....

Soon after leaving the comfort of my demolished bedroom in Norwich (another story) Evan started complaining of stomach pains and upon further inspection of his faeces (an Evan tradition), it was discovered he had rather nasty diorrhoea. This was a theme running through the series of gigs following, and i won't bore you with the frothy frothy details, but it's been damn exciting for us.

We had a great session for Marc Riley live on 6Music, which was interspersed with the wit of Stephen Merrit, trips to the cafe for Wi-Fi and shaking the hallowed palm of Noddy Holder...
Followed by a great show at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, with the wonderful Vagabond Trills. And a lovely return to our beloved Northern Quarter in the morning, where Roary and myself trailed round forbidden planet looking for Final Fantasy XIII figurines and Cramps Vinyl.

On that same morning, we heard the great news that our new single Jitterbug had been playlisted by both H and M and Topshop, and our video was being screened on all Topshop big screens across europe... us trendy bastards.... so you can think of us as you peruse your holternecks or slip jam doughnuts into the pockets of skinny jeans.

That night, we played a wonderful show at our great friend and confident Marc's place - The Mothers Ruin in Bristol. He was typically brilliant company, as was Paddy <3 who kindly let us stay in his flat, and plied Rory with as much rum as his stomach full of 2 Trays of Chips, a chicken donner and a cheeseburger from the kebab shop could take.

Then taking the trip down to the Cellars in Portsmouth, where we met the lovely marie who looked after us for the next to days - and were introduced the the grotto-like wonder that is the Cellars Bar. As Evan went to hospital for a bit (he's fine honest) myself and rory took time to peruse the fine selection of ales, and met our lovely friend Nicole and her buddies who stayed with us for an intimate show - after which Evan rushed immiediately from the stage to the toilet, with Katie trying to cover his farty blushes.

And the first stretch of the tour ended in Guildford last night, where we had some bloody marvellous noodles and met the lovely fellows that were Lion O'Brien.

Brighton, London and Germany yet to come.........

Don't forget to download our single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit' on iTunes, or from

and see the video here:

Love, Fab xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010


Well, that's fairly suprising....

After assuming our blog had been deleted for some unknown reason - i return to find it intact again. And now Roary and Evan are armed with Blackberrys and such, we can return to our regular blog posting standard. Complete with videos and picture from our upcoming tour of the UK and Germany to support the release of our new single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit' - which is availiable to download now from iTunes and, and the video is here:

If you need any tour info... it is also here:

11th March - BBC Suffolk Introducing Live Session - 95.5 / 104.6 FM, 7pm
(Availiable on iPlayer)

12th March - BBC Norfolk Introducing Takeover - 95.1 FM, 7pm

14th March - BBC 6 Music Interview with Tom Robinson -
Online and Sky Channel 0120, Freeview 707 - 1am

15th March - Jitterbug Re-Edit is released on Download Only from iTunes and

17th March - Norwich Arts Centre Jitterbug Launch Gig (w/ We Can't Dance, The Vagabond Trills and Calum Duncan) - 8pm, Tickets availiable from

18th March - BBC 6 Music Live Session with Mark Riley - Online and Sky Channel 0120, Freeview 707 - 7pm

18th March - Manchester Night and Day Cafe (w/ The Vagabond Trills) - 8pm

19th March - The Mothers Ruin, Bristol - FREE, 9pm (this will be mental, don't miss it!)

20th March - The Cellars in Eastney, Portsmouth - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

21st March - The Boilerroom, Guildford - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

23rd March - The Freebutt, Brighton - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

24th March - 100 Club, Oxford Street, London (16+!) - Tickets availiable via email - Simply email the names and ages of people who want tickets, specifying this show, to:


26th March - Kopf Und Gebeine @ Indra, Hamburg

27th March - Sweat Club, Leipzig

29th March - Prinz Willy, Kiel

30th March - Bang Bang Club, Berlin

Sometimes i wonder if they give me enough kisses

Fab-Kabeedie xxxxx