Sunday 19 February 2012

St. Pauli

Of course, as every British band does when they go to Germany, we have fallen in love with FC St. Pauli. By September we'll be season ticket holders. We're im Hamburg when they're away to Furth, which has made us very sad - but lucky the venue we're playing in, Knust, shows all the games. We shall be going fucking bonkers if they win. OH ST. PAULI WE LOVE YOU.

Fab xxx

Our Final April European Dates

This is it, El Big One
Lekker Lekker

The tour is presented by the wonderful MusikExpress magazine, and Motor Records.

06.04 Mezz : Breda
08.04 Café Lokaal : Heemskerk
10.04 Video : Gent
11.04 Dqliq : Luxembourg
12.04 Bar Du Matin : Brussels
14.04 Frankfurt : Nachtleben
15.04 Hamburg : Knust
16.04 Köln : Studio 672
17.04 Stuttgart : Zwölfzehn
18.04 München : 59 to 1
20.04 Erlangen : E-Werk
21.04 Leipzig : Noch Besser Leben
22.04 Berlin : Bi Nuu
23.04 Rostock : Campus Erwachen Festival
24.04 Dresden : Groove Station
25.04 Bremen : MS Treue

Love you all,
Fab x

Wednesday 1 February 2012

April European Dates

Hey everyone, these are our European dates for Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. There are more to come though so keep your eyes peeled........

06.04 Breda, Mezz
10.04 Gent, Video
11.04 Luxembourg, Dqliq
12.04 Brussels, Bar du Matin
16.04 Cologne, Studio 672
18.04 München, 59 to 1
20.04 Erlangen, E-Werk
21.04 Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
22.04 Berlin, Bi Nuu
23.04 Rostock, Campus Erwachen Festival
24.04 Dresden, Groove Station (best name for a venue ever?)

Highlight for me is a return to the amazing 59:1 in Munich, and we're in quite a few places for the first time too. 
Hope we see you,
Love, Fab xxx