Sunday 30 November 2008

The mayors of Jinglywinglytown

We were just getting into the swing of things on the road as we got to Cardiff, feeling a little run down...but the kind of run-down that makes you feel like.."hrmm, yeah...we must be doing something right to be this tired, or we're just real idiots".

Our Cardiff venue was siiiick. A place called Tommy's Bar on the Campus of the uni, where they were holding a few SWN festival dates. It was intimate, cheap and had a nicely challenging ITbox that we spent an hour or so on with a fellow from a radio station in Wales.
That night was personally my favourite of the line-ups we'd played on, first on were Lucky Delucci - who were kind of like a modern B-52's and real fun to listen to. Following them were Tim and Sam's Tim and The Sam Band with Tim and Sam... who were burrriillliiaaaiinnnttt
and used a squeeze box and everything.
After them was Swedish Pelle Carlberg who had a lovely song about the drummer from the smiths. Post-Pelle, we all bought a Tim and Sam band t-shirt and took to the stage as 'Tim and Sam's Tim and The Sam Band with Tim and Sam's Tribute Band (with Tim and Sam)'

really nice crowd reception that night. And lovely lass from The School/Loose Promotions put us up at hers for the night.

After a lovely morning in Cardiff, we shot down a nice road i forget the number of.
It was definately nice though.

We got to London early and had a wee bite to eat in Hoxton square while i tried to work up the courage to ask a lady in a sandwich shop to marry me. After the ceremony, we discovered that our venue had been moved at very late notice...

Downstairs from The Motherbar (on old street, shoreditch) to the 333. The 333 was a bit of a rave cave, and when we arrived there were shitloads of feathers everywhere. Us and 'Python Lost' were greeted by a strange fellow who said 'well there's 9 of you, you should have cleaned this all up by now!'. The whole thing was a bit of a joke. Nobody knew what they were doing. The PA wasn't switched on, and soundchecking took us about an hour per band. Feeling horribly sorry for the promoter (Nick From YellowBlack) who was great, we played as best we could and scurried back to Norwich to prepare for the weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to see us (notably David Gray, Asim and Nick Jensen) and sorry for the conditions and the price of bloody booze...

After returning to our beloved beds in Norwich... we learned early in the morning that Katie's illness (that we'd all been having throughout) has escalated to the point her head had fallen off. Unable to find any pritt stick, sadly we had to cancel our last 2 dates in Bradford and Shrewsbury...which was bloody annoying as we were mega looking forward to both. We'll be back with you both soon though.

Thus concludes our tour adventure man

Look our for mine and rory's characters on puzzle pirates by the way, we can trade bandanas and eye patches

xxxxxxx Love, Fab-Kabeedie

Saturday 8 November 2008


After a weekend consisting of Me getting a job at the Birdcage pub (SWEEET), regularly frequenting franks bar for tea and getting mad at Next Big Thing Results - we headed off on a series of the most gigs we'd ever done consecutively...

Grabbing a quick hello/goodbye with miss Caity and miss Nell, having returned from an expedition to London (probably looking for gold as they often do), we clambered into David Gray's 'Poolmobile' and made the 2 hour journey down to Chelmsford. Which was amazingly groovy, we played for Bitterscene at a Jazz club..thing. Which, apart from low ceilings which shaved Evan's scalp, was bloody cool and we had a swell time. BUT YOU'LL NEVER SELL ICE CREAM AT THAT HEIGHT PLANEMEN...

Next day was a pre-halloween bash for Purrrrrr @ Moles Club. Katie supplied the make-up, and as i had already donned my T'ai Chi uniform... i was given a curly moustache and named 'The Ghostly Chinese Chef'... Petrifying. Evan got a classic Joker.. Katie looked orange for some reason... and Rory was the homo-erotic demon clown. We settled in to play with our new Sailor Jerry's dice pre-gig...and then went off to learn a dance routine with the first band on 'Lego Castles'.
They played a cracking set of indie sweetness, and we joined them for a line-dance at the front of the stage just before their last number.
Some dude tried to get off with me and we were away!

Up north we head... in Craig's Mazda.. enjoying each others company and the fine breeze induced fun of the Candy King Bag Ventilation Game. And singing along to spoof Los Campesinos lyrics that me and rory came up with...
"If you catch me, watching the bill
and having a wank over D.I McGill"


To the Halloween City of Manchester!
Home Craig and Don't Spare the Horses....

We arrived at our Hostel at 3am on Friday morning having driven straight from Bath. Creeping into a room with 3 other people in it, and at 5am Katie woke up with a she thought an innocent cough from Rory was one of the other guests shooting her in the face...

After a nice morning in Manchester, we walked the 10 yards from our hostel to the sweeet Koffee Pot - where we were met by everyone from Same Teens Mancheser, who we were playing a special Halloween Acoustic Gig for. They put on a bloody wonderful spread including spooky bangers and mash... and pumpkins and lollies and AXE'S and such. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Eden and Holly who'd come quite a way and made a kabeedies bag and everything <3

We then scooted across to the night and day, and had a wonderful evening there playing to a room full of jilted brides and bloody businessmen... =D

After a hot night in the hostel, in which me and katie got up at 4am to go look for booze out in manchester 'til about 6.... when she decided she really wanted some sushi... we drove to Wakefield to play at the Escobar.

We met some really swell dudes in there, who got our Ukelele for their enthusiastic noises =D

then back to Leeds HQ Before heading East to the Adelphi in Hull....but not before a snooker tournament.... in which papa craig wiped the floor and rory lost all 3 matches on the black. PWNED

Heading for Birmingham, to a late notice show we'd planned in between Hull and Cardiff (Geographical genius from Craig), we met up with Kid Canaveral who we'd played with the night before in Hull. Bloody good they were too, and we swapped Vinyls and stories of how great Edinburgh is.
Birmingham was veee gus fun.
We were treated to a lurverrlly meal by the promoter, and Evan felt very close to his brummy roots in Stourbridge. Rory and myself were acosted by a drunken young lady outside the venue, who told us she saved childrens lives on a daily basis.. and asked us unsettlingly personal questions.. which we duly answered with glee and dedicated a song to her. Having met a great dude called Chris and his friends, we wandered off with Craig back to a swanky hotel he'd somehow managed to afford...
Enjoying a disgustingly expensive drink in a lovely bar, and katie and rory indulging their decadent sides by ordering a pizza to the room were just a few highlights. My personal favourite was wrestling evan in our room for an hour (at about 3am) much to everyone's arousal. Craig was pissed. it was brilliant.

Feeling slightly sore after wrestling through the night (evan has a mean dropkick, and my many years in school pretending to be Grand Master Franny from WWF seemed to help me very little) we drove across the Severn bridge into Evan's homeland of Wales.

Thursday 6 November 2008

The big easy

With computers few and far between in the small spaces we were inhabiting between cities... it's been a little while since we penned our wild thoughts.

Enjoying a wee break after Lincoln and Ipswich shows (which were bloody nice), we made the familiar journey past our favourite 4-star eaterie and gentleman's club 'The Anglia Cafe' - which we regularly frequent for lunch. Suitably revived from tea and eggy chips, we made the 3 hour drive from Lincoln to York.

York is a wonderful place, with Katie regularly pointing out 'It's like we're on Diagon Alley from Harry Potter'. It's bloody nice, and the venue we were playing at was a pretty wacky suprise. The city screen basement is literally in the basement of a big cinema right on the river running through the city. Thanks to everyone who came to the show, we blew off some steam and enjoyed ourselves before meandering back to our Headquarters in Leeds.... to relax with some snooker and a dog.

We had a day in Leeds the next morning. don't be fooled this was by far the most comfortable we got on tour...

usually all the entertainment we have is playing the Candy King Bag Ventilation Game.... involving a bag of sweets and the in-car vents.

And we found the cockpit pretty busy with noah and the whale fans (they were playing next door), we met some nice dudes who were sporting noah and the whale home made shirts. Noah and his damn whale better have appreiciated. We played with our good chums Just HandShakes We're British at the cockpit that night and they really stepped up their game and put on a fucking great show. Thanks to everyone who came to that gig, it was sold out in the end and we had a cracking time playing. We met our buddy Cockring from Guilt Pursuit outside, who'd managed to miss our set....eedjot. So we slapped him about a bit before launching ourselves back to norwich to prepare for our hometown single launch...

Now Norwich was always our favourite place to play... but bugger me you're all amazing when you want to be. And the crowd in norwich really really made us feel at home. Possibly our favourite gig to date... we all felt we connected a lot better with each other onstage (literally...when evan leaped over the drumkit face first into me), improved our performance from last time and generally felt bloody good about the whole thing. Thankyou very very much to everyone who came, especially to David and Caity. The only downside was my Soup Dragon got nicked....

We'd gone charity shopping for 5 hours or so before the gig...and rory donned his bassamp with pictures of dogs and ornaments of farmers and suchlike. I purchased as many cuddly toys as possible (as well as a policemans hat) and we gave out our usual post-gig ukelele.
The bands playing with us in Norwich were bloody magnificent too, the Bobby McGee's are always wonderful to watch, and special li'l ladies Scraps won the crowd over instantly =D

Our gig in Southampton got cancelled the day after... so we got to nurse our post-birdcage hangovers for a day....

celebrating charlotte's birthday with a few cosmopolitans too many

we'll fill you in with the rest of our happenings in the next few days

Love you all and thanks to everyone who came to see us =D
xxxxx Fab-Kabeedie