Wednesday, 30 June 2010

NO EVAN! We're not leaving yet....

After the first half of our week, we had consumed many steins of lovely german Brau, and watched a shit-ton of football in the sun. Nothing, it seemed, could top our fun for the week. That is, until we stumble upon the winning combination of a rad gig, a free bar, and a hotel that is 5 minutes down the road.

The venue 'Schwarzes Shaf' (probably mis-spelled that), was super sweet, and really really really hot. And after a worryingly sweaty soundcheck we retreated to the sanctuary of it's nearby sister-cafe to enjoy a wee coffee and watch italy go out of the world cup. Nice. We met our lovely buddy and booking agent Peter, and his daughter Joana (one of Peter's two daughters who are both insane and thouroughly rad) for a curry, which under the circumstances was easily the worst meal we could have thought to have. The gig was amazing though, and fully lived up to it's sweaty vibe. We met two guys who seemed very ennamered with me, and tried to convince me they were english despite raving german accents and confusing Manchester with Macclesfield. This continued a theme for the night as we met wonderful person after wonderful person, until Evan decided he'd had enough of wonderful people and preceeded to go throw up in the toilet. I should imagine his idea of mixing jagermeister into beer had a little to do with this. After seeing to Evan in the toilet and leaving him to a giggling Katie, i went on to dance an odd waltz with Roary and Craig to Darwin Deez as we continued to expand the horizons of modern dance. Until they too fell to the mistress that is drink and stumbled back in the general direction of the hotel.

Craig (our manager and spritual guru...and Rory's dad) returned a few minutes later to order a beer whilst casually notioning to me that he'd left rory in the doorway of the wrong hotel, throwing up. Unpurturbed by this, he proceeded to drink his beer and kindly ask the barlady where our hotel actually was - upon which he realised he'd gone to the hotel directly opposite. Picking up a stricken Rory on the way home, Katie and I walked them back to the beautiful hotel which they all sicked on. We then went back out again for a quick one. And met a nice irish girl....

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Oh! Flugzeug!

We are half way through our week in lovely Germany!
We played a super gig at Puerto Giesing last night and wolfed down several more pizza´s, we love bread and meat.
We had a super session for a bavarian radio station yesterday and had the privilege of watching the England game at the same time, our reactions to qualifying were definitely caught live on air...
We are off down the big Bahn to Augsberg now to watch more football, eat more pizza, drink more beer and play another gig. Perfect.
Tshabalala, everything will be alright i promise.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Germany! Mark 2, or 3? I don't know...

So tonight we hop on the midnight ferry to Germany!
As previously posted we are playing in Stuttgart, Munich, Augsberg and Wiesbaden.
We depart at 1900 hours sharp and should be in Stuttgart 12 hours later, god bless driving!
I think these guys are coming to one of the gigs:

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Whilst Fab proposes an ambitious attempt at making country-relevant cuisine for each night of the World Cup, the rest of us are locked in the rehearsal studio songwriting and recording for our second album. We're real pleased with how everything is going so far and we've got 5 or 6 songs on the go, which is certainly a first for us... as usually we get one done in about 4 months and break every 30 seconds for a cigarette and a taco.
As this is going on, we've got plans to record our new single for release in September in the UK... we'll let you know all the relevant details as they unfold, but the single is gonna be 'Come Out Of The Blue' which is one of our newest songs and it makes us very chipper to be releasing it. We're going in to the studio to record it next month so we'll keep you posted. We should probably have a few good photos of Evan with tape on his face again, or hopefully Fab next to the guy from the Darkness who's studio we're recording the drums in (our hero).
The single release will co-incide with the German release of our debut album 'Rumpus' in September , and we're very happy to have that distributed in Europe. It'll have a number of extra-tracks on it including 'Jitterbug Re-Edit', among others. Plus we'll be touring Germany lots for that release, as well as the UK in October.

As the world cup progresses, we head off to Germany for a 4 date tour from the 22nd 'til the 25th, which should be siiick and we're really happy to be heading back to see our buddies in the Hofbrauhaus - which is like oktoberfest all day everyday.
Our shows are:
Zwolfzehn - Stuttgart, 22nd june

Puerto Giesing (an old supermarket) - Munich, 23rd June

Schwarzes Shaf - Augsberg, 24th June

Kulturpalast - Wiesbaden, 25th June

We're also heading on a couple of breif UK stints, including:

BBC Introducing, Chapelfield Gardens - Norwich : 10th July

22 Jul 2010 20:00
Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds, UK

23 Jul 2010 20:00
Amplified @ Inside Out -Darlington, GB

24 Jul 2010 20:00
The Georgian - Stockton on Tees, GB

27 Jul 2010 20:00
SNUFFED IT @ The Cross Kings - London, UNITED KINGDOM

30 Jul 2010 20:00

31 Jul 2010 20:30

So we look forward to seeing you all, and maybe at a couple of the festivals we're playing this year in the UK and Germany - Castle Calling in Richmond on the 20th August, and Dockville Festival in Hamburg on the 15th August.

Love you all
The Kabeedies xxx