Monday, 22 March 2010

2 Chicken donners and Evan's ass-foam

We began our tour this month, in support of our new single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit', with an ambitious show at the Norwich Arts Centre. Usually, as a band, we like the theory that we give our all at every show - and needn't use too many gimmicks in order to make things special... But armed with the reasoning that we wanted to reward the fans that had treated us so well over the last couple of years, and make this show memorable - we set upon 2 days rehearsal and preparation.

We'd certainly be the first to say we're not the most organised band on earth, but we're all proud of how the show turned out - with the grandiose Cello of our good friend Kayleigh and the lovely Vagabond Trills backing us in Jitterbug, and with sporadic covers and segways rolled in - the show was definately one for us to remember, and hopefully you guys too. We were supported by the vocally unbelieveable Calum Duncan, who brought tears to my eyes repeatedly (the massive jerk) and who was backed superbly by Alex Hill, The Vagabond Trills - who we're all in love with - and the fantastic We Can't Dance, who I expect to see much more of in the future. Bloody Good Night.

Although.... health-wise, that was our peak....

Soon after leaving the comfort of my demolished bedroom in Norwich (another story) Evan started complaining of stomach pains and upon further inspection of his faeces (an Evan tradition), it was discovered he had rather nasty diorrhoea. This was a theme running through the series of gigs following, and i won't bore you with the frothy frothy details, but it's been damn exciting for us.

We had a great session for Marc Riley live on 6Music, which was interspersed with the wit of Stephen Merrit, trips to the cafe for Wi-Fi and shaking the hallowed palm of Noddy Holder...
Followed by a great show at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, with the wonderful Vagabond Trills. And a lovely return to our beloved Northern Quarter in the morning, where Roary and myself trailed round forbidden planet looking for Final Fantasy XIII figurines and Cramps Vinyl.

On that same morning, we heard the great news that our new single Jitterbug had been playlisted by both H and M and Topshop, and our video was being screened on all Topshop big screens across europe... us trendy bastards.... so you can think of us as you peruse your holternecks or slip jam doughnuts into the pockets of skinny jeans.

That night, we played a wonderful show at our great friend and confident Marc's place - The Mothers Ruin in Bristol. He was typically brilliant company, as was Paddy <3 who kindly let us stay in his flat, and plied Rory with as much rum as his stomach full of 2 Trays of Chips, a chicken donner and a cheeseburger from the kebab shop could take.

Then taking the trip down to the Cellars in Portsmouth, where we met the lovely marie who looked after us for the next to days - and were introduced the the grotto-like wonder that is the Cellars Bar. As Evan went to hospital for a bit (he's fine honest) myself and rory took time to peruse the fine selection of ales, and met our lovely friend Nicole and her buddies who stayed with us for an intimate show - after which Evan rushed immiediately from the stage to the toilet, with Katie trying to cover his farty blushes.

And the first stretch of the tour ended in Guildford last night, where we had some bloody marvellous noodles and met the lovely fellows that were Lion O'Brien.

Brighton, London and Germany yet to come.........

Don't forget to download our single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit' on iTunes, or from

and see the video here:

Love, Fab xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010


Well, that's fairly suprising....

After assuming our blog had been deleted for some unknown reason - i return to find it intact again. And now Roary and Evan are armed with Blackberrys and such, we can return to our regular blog posting standard. Complete with videos and picture from our upcoming tour of the UK and Germany to support the release of our new single 'Jitterbug Re-Edit' - which is availiable to download now from iTunes and, and the video is here:

If you need any tour info... it is also here:

11th March - BBC Suffolk Introducing Live Session - 95.5 / 104.6 FM, 7pm
(Availiable on iPlayer)

12th March - BBC Norfolk Introducing Takeover - 95.1 FM, 7pm

14th March - BBC 6 Music Interview with Tom Robinson -
Online and Sky Channel 0120, Freeview 707 - 1am

15th March - Jitterbug Re-Edit is released on Download Only from iTunes and

17th March - Norwich Arts Centre Jitterbug Launch Gig (w/ We Can't Dance, The Vagabond Trills and Calum Duncan) - 8pm, Tickets availiable from

18th March - BBC 6 Music Live Session with Mark Riley - Online and Sky Channel 0120, Freeview 707 - 7pm

18th March - Manchester Night and Day Cafe (w/ The Vagabond Trills) - 8pm

19th March - The Mothers Ruin, Bristol - FREE, 9pm (this will be mental, don't miss it!)

20th March - The Cellars in Eastney, Portsmouth - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

21st March - The Boilerroom, Guildford - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

23rd March - The Freebutt, Brighton - 8pm, Tickets from, with every advance sale recieving a copy of one of our previous singles on 7" Vinyl at the gig

24th March - 100 Club, Oxford Street, London (16+!) - Tickets availiable via email - Simply email the names and ages of people who want tickets, specifying this show, to:


26th March - Kopf Und Gebeine @ Indra, Hamburg

27th March - Sweat Club, Leipzig

29th March - Prinz Willy, Kiel

30th March - Bang Bang Club, Berlin

Sometimes i wonder if they give me enough kisses

Fab-Kabeedie xxxxx