Sunday 16 December 2012

Evan shows how much he loves our buddies in the Khan brigade by immortalising their lyrics on his upper arm. The perfect xmas gift...

Wednesday 28 November 2012


I love Leeds, so much. I grew up there. I am a stoic Leeds United supporter. And when I went to save this image in my computer, there were already 4 files named "LEEEEEEDS.jpg".

To celebrate this, for our show at Oporto on the 5th December, we shall give £3 cheaplist to anyone who emails their names (as many as you want) to us at

Because I love you Leeds.

Fab x

Friday 23 November 2012

Hellooooo Christian

 After an absoloutley amazing European tour in October, we're very happy to announce that this weird guy has joined our merry little band of morons as full-time guitarist/vocalist. We're completely delighted to have him on board, seeing as we've known each other for so long - he seemed an obvious choice, and we got on famously in a tiny space for a month, which is always a challenge. He's bringing a lot to the table as a creative guitarist, and hopefully that'll be reflected in our future works, which we can't wait for you to hear. Also, he's generally just a stand up guy, and you'll enjoy your first pint with him that's for sure.


So this is how we're looking now, complete sausage fest. We're training our testosterone-fuelled brains on to a short UK tour at the beginning of December, and then we look to produce a new EP for you all, which will hopefully be with you around April 2013.Now the songwriting commences again....

Oh! and also, Christian has been producing a few specialist tees for us, as well as lots of his own and some collaborations with amazing artists. His website is here: so go and say hi...

Love, The Kabeedies xxxx

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Saturday 3 November 2012

And now... for something a little fairly similar..

Here are our December UK dates, with the amazing These Ghosts and frankly my favourite singer/songwriter in the world - Rory McVicar:

5th dec : LEEDS - OPORTO ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @oportobar

6th dec : LONDON - UPSTAIRS AT THE GARAGE ( 14+ ) :
£6 adv // £8 door // @GarageLondon

7th dec : LEICESTER - FIREBUG ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @FirebugBar

8th dec : NORWICH - ARTS CENTRE ( 14+ ) :
£6 adv // £8 door // @NorwichArtCentr

9th dec : BRIGHTON - GREEN DOOR STORE ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @greendoorstore

Friday 2 November 2012

Kabeedies swimwear catalogue 2012


After a considerably amazing tour, we're back home in England, nursing a month-long hangover and trying to re-adjust to buying milk... Thankyou so much to everyone who came to see us, the promoters who put us on, and the friends we made on the way. We're gonna be releasing a new EP next year, so keep your eyes peeled for that - and for tour videos and pictures. Ciao x

Sunday 14 October 2012

A week in....

And here are  few of the highlights from our European Tour....

Evan gets understandably excited this time of year, when his favourite festival rolls around in Kiel....

For Evan and Rory's birthday this year, i gave them both wishes. This ended up being a slight oversight on my part as Rory used his to force me to go out in Hamburg with a mullet...

And on that vain theme we took to clipping each other's hair incessantly. Christian takes care of Rory's bushy sideburns here...

And finally, the greatest thing in the world happened to Rory in a week of firsts. He had a bra thrown at him in Berlin, to fulfil his 17 year old dream. It hangs proudly on our dash.

The first week has been a blast, keep your eyes peeled for more degrading photos.
Fab x

Tuesday 25 September 2012

October in Europe

Berlin show

Just added to our October Tour is a date at The Magnet Club, hosted by Musik Express, on the 12th October. Can't wait to be back in B-Town, see y'all there x

Monday 24 September 2012

I'm really sorry

But sometimes life gives you lemons....

Friday 21 September 2012

December UK Tour dates

These are our tour dates - These Ghosts, Alloy Ark and Rory McVicar.
All will be sensational, but we'll probably have to pay for the meal. No Rory, you can't have extra garlic bread.

We'll be trekking around the UK with them:

5th dec : LEEDS - OPORTO ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @oportobar

6th dec : LONDON - UPSTAIRS AT THE GARAGE ( 14+ ) :
£6 adv // £8 door // @GarageLondon

7th dec : LEICESTER - FIREBUG ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @FirebugBar

8th dec : NORWICH - ARTS CENTRE ( 14+ ) :
£6 adv // £8 door // @NorwichArtCentr

9th dec : BRIGHTON - GREEN DOOR STORE ( 18+ ) :
£4 adv // £5 door // @greendoorstore

Can't wait to see you guys,
Love, Fab x

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Hard at work, or hardly workin'...

Our new practise room in Norwich, finishing up the new set with Christian (Left).

Tuesday 18 September 2012

October European Tour

This is how our October tour of Europe is shaping up. We can't wait to visit Italy and the Czech Republic for the first time....

Also, there are several shows still to be confirmed in all countries, so we'll update the diary as we find out.

05.10.12 Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
06.10.12 Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit
08.10.12 Hamburg, Ü&G Turmzimmer
09.10.12 Kiel, Prinz Willy
12.10.12 Berlin, Magnet
13.10.12 K'lautern, Kammgarn
14.10.12 Regensburg, Heimat
15.10.12 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
16.10.12 Marburg, KfZ
17.10.12 Straubing, Raven
18.10.12 Dresden, Groove Station

Czech Republic
19.10.12 Prague  – Chapeau Rouge
20.10.12 Trieste – Whatever Club / Etnoblog
21.10.12 Osimo – Loop Live
22.10.12 Sorrento  – Marianiello
23.10.12 Avellino – Godot Art Bistrot
24.10.12 La Spezia – Arci Origami

27.10.12 Haguenau – La Sauce P
30.10.12 Heemskerk Cafe Lokaal

Friday 7 September 2012

We make use of modern art

Myself and Rory discover a modern art installation at Dockville Festival and utilise it to practise our 100m Hurdles. Festival goers are understandably confused.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

We're Naked

....Can you dig it?

Bones, Live at Dockville Festival for In Bed with.....

Monday 13 August 2012

Evan gets air

Dockville Festival, Hamburg

Taken by Tina Dufayel

Caught with our pants down....

At Dockville Festival.... 'In Bed With...' happened to wander past our tent as we were playing 'Bones' naked.... Voyeurists.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Double A-Side Single

God how i am so so single......

Aside from that, we have a double a-side single out now to download on Fierce Panda records. 'Bones/Underfloor Lover' is available for £1.29 from iTunes here:


Thursday 2 August 2012

Dockville Festival

So so looking forward to this years Dockville Festival, which starts on the 10th August in Hamburg, Germany. Our last years there were extremely debauched, so hopefully we shall carry on the tradition. Our stage time is 4:30pm on the Saturday, Vorschot Stage. See you there Comrades:

Live Shots of our Last UK Show with Miss Allard


Wednesday 18 July 2012

Online Merch

We've just reopened our Online Merch store, where you can buy T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Albums directly from us. Just click HERE

Fab x

What's next

So Katie's last UK show will be this Saturday (21st July) when we play two shows at Open in Norwich for the opening of the Tilting Sky Festival (tickets available HERE ). We then progress with our singles 'Bones' c/w 'Underfloor Lover' being released on Monday!
Then we begin preparations for touring in Germany/Italy/France and more of Europe in October. Can't wait to see y'all, and anyone who can make it to either show to send Katie off in style it would be much apprieciated.
Fab xxx

So long to an old friend

Hey everyone, today is the 18th July 2012 and unfortunately the day we have to announce to you all that Katie and ourselves are parting company. After 5 years of playing together Katie has decided to pursue other things and leave touring to the rest of us fools. We wish her all the best and we want to assure everyone that we still very much love her, no sensational arguments or anything, just a mutual parting of ways leaving us with nothing but a wealth of incredible memories and happy thoughts. From weeing herself in her tent the night before we went onstage at Latitude, to having the bejeesus scared out of her in a shack in the middle of some woods in Norway, to escaping a hostel in Manchester to stalk the streets looking for sushi, to having our minds collectively blown by the response to our show at Dockville – we’re left with millions of good times to look back on. Katie has been a rock for us and a livewire in equal measure, and I’m sure all of the people who saw us live would agree that she’s a sensational performer, a wonderful person and someone we’ll all miss hugely. The last 5 years of our lives have been utterly amazing, and Katie has been such a huge part of that and we’re very lucky to have grown up with her and experienced all we have together. Our last show in England with Katie will be our two gigs at Open in Norwich infront of our home fans on the 21st July, a fitting end to a wonderful era. Meanwhile, we are by no means calling it quits, The Kabeedies will continue to perform and concentrate on writing our 3rd album and keeping on the road with the 3 of us, touring Europe and the UK in the Autumn and beyond. Our form will evolve as we progress, but we’re still very much on board with the project and we’re all looking forward to seeing how the next year pans out.
Love, Fab, Evan and Rory

Sunday 15 July 2012

Blackburn College Session

On this, the 4th anniversary of the crowd at Latitude Festival pushing down the barriers on the lake stage while we were playing (as i shed a small tear), we thought we'd pop up a little live session we played for the wonderful people at Blackburn College:

The Kabeedies from Media Centre on Vimeo.

Friday 13 July 2012


Here's a link to some captivating visuals that our bestest buddy Harry Hall from These Ghosts has put to our new single 'Bones', it's out with 'Underfloor Lover' on the 23rd July:

The Kabeedies - Bones from Harry Hall on Vimeo.

Rebel Playlist

We've got the massive priviledge of being on Steve Lamacq's 6Music Rebel Playlist this week, with some seriously stiff competition. So we'd be eternally grateful if you could vote for our new single 'Bones' - as it'll get radio play on 6music all next week if we emerge triumphant, and also Evan is massively competitive and may punch me in the face if we lose. Please share this about, as you're basically punching me in the face if not.....
Thanks everyone xxxx

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Rory's forearm

Here's Rory's lovely new tattoo in all it's (hope and) glory...

Monday 25 June 2012

Arty li'l teds

We try our hand at a live sculpture piece in Oslo, it wasn't apprieciated for the unrivalled genius it clearly was.

Sunday 17 June 2012

17th July show with The Crookes

We're playing a show at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London, for our lavley label Fierce Panda, here's what you need to know:








LONDON KENTISH TOWN BULL & GATE (389 Kentish Town Road, NW5 2TJ. 020 7485 5358)



July 17th sees the launch of a brand new monthly co-promotion between fierce panda and The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music, aka TMR Black Sheep, the in-house music arm of ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH).

"Music's right at the heart of the culture at BBH. For us 'Shear Me Now!' is a way to extend what we do every day - we want to put ourselves out there to get even more involved with finding and working with new musicians and bands. We're really excited to be launching this brilliant new night with fierce panda."

Wise words all round, and here are the artists for that opening night…

THE CROOKES (onstage 9.45pm) are four handsomely dressed NewPop dudes from the Republic Of Yorkshire who are playing this fearsomely low key show to celebrate the launch of their new fierce panda single, 'Maybe In The Dark', out on July 23rd. This supremely svelte event follows the release of their sophomore album 'Hold Fast' on July 9th, and collapses most elegantly in the midst of festival appearances at Latitude, Benicassim and Tramlines back home in Sheffield. THE CROOKES' crisply-ruffled tunes have appeared on 'Lorraine', 'GMTV', 'Waterloo Road', 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Jamie's Great Britain' and, obviously, with ruthless regularity during the Monday evening goals round up on 'Look North'.

THE KABEEDIES (onstage 9.00pm) are from Norwich and have traditionally played fizzbombingly effervescent boy / girl / boy / boy leftfield pop which is bouncy like Tigger in a minefield and found global infamy via their 'Come On' track appearing on an Xbox advert. Latterly however they have added a mature sombreness to their sound, as evidenced by current album 'Soap' and supersad imminent single 'Bones' (released on fierce panda on July 23rd).

PANDA CUBS (onstage 8.15pm) are from York and, amazingly, they don't have a release coming out on fierce panda in the next half hour. What they do have however is a broody, bruised outlook on musical life which manifests itself in gloriously dark pop outbursts which nod at the shadowy outlines of Editors and Interpol. Shadowy, we say… /

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Real Wrastling....?

Myself and Rory and a few of our friends got together, oh you know, just to be Wrestlers....

Fab xxx

Sunday 20 May 2012

Our single postponed

Due to a very unfortunate accident involving our single, a carrier pigeon and a jet engine, our double-a side single won't be reaching you tomorrow. Instead, we'll be postponing the release of 'Bones/Underfloor Lover' until mid-summer, so you can enjoy the slightly darker undertones of the new tracks whilst sipping a margherita on the beaches of the costa-del-sol. More information regarding the exact date of release, and the videos accompanying the singles, will be announced soon.
Love you all
Fab xxx

Thursday 3 May 2012

New Press photos?

Best shot of us ever? I think so.... Taken by miss Sandra Guenther in Fulda

Tuesday 1 May 2012


 The Fjords of Oslo ranged from beautiful vistas, to less beautiful vistas.....

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Sunday 25 March 2012

Summer UK Dates

Thought I'd publish a list of our remaining Summer UK shows, not including festivals, so you can all have a look-see....

5th May : Camden Lock - Camden Crawl
16th May : Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds
19th May : Open (Playfest Curtainraiser) - Norwich
22nd May : Electricity Showooms - Hoxton
21st July : Open (Underage show) - Norwich

Fab xxx

Sunday 19 February 2012

St. Pauli

Of course, as every British band does when they go to Germany, we have fallen in love with FC St. Pauli. By September we'll be season ticket holders. We're im Hamburg when they're away to Furth, which has made us very sad - but lucky the venue we're playing in, Knust, shows all the games. We shall be going fucking bonkers if they win. OH ST. PAULI WE LOVE YOU.

Fab xxx

Our Final April European Dates

This is it, El Big One
Lekker Lekker

The tour is presented by the wonderful MusikExpress magazine, and Motor Records.

06.04 Mezz : Breda
08.04 Café Lokaal : Heemskerk
10.04 Video : Gent
11.04 Dqliq : Luxembourg
12.04 Bar Du Matin : Brussels
14.04 Frankfurt : Nachtleben
15.04 Hamburg : Knust
16.04 Köln : Studio 672
17.04 Stuttgart : Zwölfzehn
18.04 München : 59 to 1
20.04 Erlangen : E-Werk
21.04 Leipzig : Noch Besser Leben
22.04 Berlin : Bi Nuu
23.04 Rostock : Campus Erwachen Festival
24.04 Dresden : Groove Station
25.04 Bremen : MS Treue

Love you all,
Fab x

Wednesday 1 February 2012

April European Dates

Hey everyone, these are our European dates for Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. There are more to come though so keep your eyes peeled........

06.04 Breda, Mezz
10.04 Gent, Video
11.04 Luxembourg, Dqliq
12.04 Brussels, Bar du Matin
16.04 Cologne, Studio 672
18.04 München, 59 to 1
20.04 Erlangen, E-Werk
21.04 Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
22.04 Berlin, Bi Nuu
23.04 Rostock, Campus Erwachen Festival
24.04 Dresden, Groove Station (best name for a venue ever?)

Highlight for me is a return to the amazing 59:1 in Munich, and we're in quite a few places for the first time too. 
Hope we see you,
Love, Fab xxx

Monday 30 January 2012

Last Soap Lyrics


Underfloor Lover

There's no heat left underfloor,
A stranger in your bed,
A thousand ears met last night,
And still ring with what you said.
You were cold and you were cruel,
Another round to draw some blood,
Always you choose to talk,
So you don't sink into the mud.

Wash black into the basin,
Set the blood shot through your eyes,
Eat breakfast at the table,
As another morning dies.
Take your body to the street,
In the clothes you wore to dream,
Your legs will stall and falter,
As your brain bursts to the seams.

(I'll take these small chances,
These nights are just for me,
I will stoke the dying embers,
For all the world to see.)

As the pavemnt takes the pressure,
You seek the bending links,
In the chain of friendships you forged,
More hollow than you think.
The day will come full circle,
Surrounded by those friends,
Who took offense to your thoughts,
On which your world depends.

(I'll take these small chances,
These nights are just for me,
I will stoke the dying embers,
For all the world to see.)

(When my pride begins to slip,
And ruin rules my head,
I start to name the faceless
Strangers in my bed).


48, Joan of Arc, Armed with jesuits bark
21, punctured limb, branded on a whim.
An unplanned child is a terrifying thing,
but the leiutenant brings, what the lieutenant brings.

There is a cell, that's monitored,
By cold machines, in hospital.
There is a cell, that's monitored,
And we all look on in fear.

19, does as much as let by her harsh touch.
65, terrified, yet to be informed.
An unplanned child is a terrifying thing,
But he's made by strength, and strength he shall bring.

Here it is round again, another saving grace,
Here we are arms in arcs, set to let him in.
An unplanned child, is a terrifying thing,
First the lieutenant shreds, then the leiutenant cleans.

There is a cell,
By cold machines,
There is a cell,
Who doubts the work of their instincts.


Meet me through the keyhole, Meet me through the keyhole,
If one heart withdraws then the other heart claws,
Oh, you took my day and you made it.

Meet me through the keyhole, Meet me through the keyhole,
I'll palm my way through the popped veins and clay,
Oh, you took my day and you made it.

Met me through the keyhole, Met me through the keyhole,
Nose nearly on the ground, you hoped I'd come around,
Made my day, now we'll taste it.

Conversation through the keyhole, Conversation through the keyhole,
Hope the end would never come, 'cos the end is on the run,
Seems so naive now, Goodbye.

Thankyou very much,
Love, The Kabeedies

More Soap Lyrics


You awoke in the morning and said,
What will happen to me when I'm dead,
Will a million old bugs eat my bones?
Or will I be returned to my home?

If I knew that then I would be rich,
I'd predict every death to the inch,
When the gunfire and smoke light the sky,
I could tell you exactly who'll die

But he's just another, face in the crowd,
If you sleep through the morning, he won't come around,
He's just another, face in the crowd,
Oh the bones in the graveyard, are moving around.

Both the master and lover are sewn,
Immortal souls and they're never alone,
Black cat's luck and the book never seen,
Just a rose where the bodies have been.

We can have all the luck in the world,
One day our lives will surely unfurl,
No long pause 'fore the verdict is read,
We'll just know in our hearts that we're dead.

But he's just another, face in the crowd,
If you sleep through the morning, he won't come around,
He's just another, face in the crowd,
Oh the bones in the graveyard, are moving around.

 Drowning Doll

I'm glad the drowning doll was saved,
Yes survived, but left so frail,
It's never wished for a tighter hold,
Plums were placed to make a trail.
The taste of salt will follow us,
I hold too tight it's true,
I'll acclimatise to your place,
Be calm, push ribs to you.

I'm not furious. You're delightful.
Times have changed for me.
Your voice stayed strong.
I've been running for years.
You told me which fruit I'd see.
I'm not furious. You're delightful.

Disrupt me with a dimmer switch,
That's what I should've held my tongue for.
I was only in detention then,
For saying things that I saw.
I was punished for my running eyes,
Told to do as I'm told,
You kept me safe, a little younger,
I'm petrified of growing old.

I'm not furious. You're delightful.
Times have changed for me.
Your voice stayed strong.
I've been running for years.
You told me which fruit I'd see.
I'm not furious. You're delightful.


I'm sure,
I'm sure of it now,
The key lies in the Sierra Maestra

I'm sure,
I'm sure of it now,
Santiago and Castro in La Granma

I see,
I see it now,
History repeats the fact of the matter.

I see,
I see it now,
With inspiration from the lepers in San Pablo.

A man looks down over Havana,
As a light shines over Espana.

I stop,
I stop it now,
The power eating the wings of the people.

I hold,
I hold it now,
The new world in my heart like a burden,

I mix,
I mix it now,
The compound of blood and rust on the carpet

I'm sure,
I'm sure of it now,
Santiago and Castro in La Granma.

A man looks down over Havana,
As a light shines over Espana.

Come Out of the Blue

My life I love you, but you're letting me down,
I used to claw at the doorway now i claw at the ground.

Come out of the blue, and I will glue my arms around you.
Come out of the blue, and I will hush the morning gulls for you.

In your mouth you let my worries all melt,
You knitted your hands around my torso, darling I felt....
(Warmer than I've ever felt)

Come out of the blue, and I will glue my arms around you.
Come out of the blue, and I will hush the morning gulls for you.

You let my worries melt in your mouth and now I'm never turning back,
This fluid love from by the stones and gulls is glued to my back.

Come out of the blue, and I will glue my arms around you.
Come out of the blue, and I will hush the morning gulls for you.


Platform signs sit swinging in the station,
Old men sit in their seats,
Burning sun bearing down on the people with hair all wet from the heat.
Speeding past the bodies out the window, men straighten their ties.
All the seats of motion-sick children put fear into adult eyes.
It's a long long way to drive, before these people find a way in which to keep the truth alive.

They won't sleep 'til, they know, their aching feet are home.

Grinding wheels hit friction with the steel,
The carriage groans with the weight,
Of people dying to get up from their tables and run head-first through the gate.
Past the cabs and half-expectant buses, mothers smoking inside,
The cars that take them home until another solitary weekday ride.
It's a long long way to drive, before these people find a way in which to keep the truth alive.

They won't sleep 'til, they know, their aching feet are home.

Soap - Lyrics

Ooookay, here I begin the unenviable task of scraping together the lyrics from scraps of toilet paper to our new album Soap. Let's begin at the very beginning, a very good place to start....

Hang Ups of the West
Roll down my Oxford English chest,
I ought to carry you the best
In the cradle of my sugar rich tongue.

Although you yearn to be,
I cannot quite believe
that you haven't been before

Forget the hang ups of The West

You're 19 wayfarer,
Washing off the sunshine sweats
Forgetting the hang ups of The West

We might as well do this properly,
Take it's body down to the sea,
This Imperial Mess is bloated at best

Forget the hang ups of The West


Forget the hang ups of The West


Was it 80 'cos I heard it was a little more,
650 lost behind your door,
Your little palatine boy was off at war,
You were more than just a caretaker for the cause,
Did you wanna,
See that daughter,
Touched with water,
Is that your torture?
There was something wrong with the wedding home,
The day you took up arms to the village bone.

Elizabeth, What have you done?

You were lying in your bricked up bed,
In Vienna they were crying for the royal head,
Your teeth were longing for milk and bread,
All you had were memories of the dead,
Do you wonder,
Who is under,
The summer gardens,
Are you big enough?
I will never see every single deed,
I can only be sure you'll never come for me.

Elizabeth, What have you done?

The children sing their song........

The Boy with the Bad Mouth

He was born in a basement, No height to his name,
All fingers in the bowling ball of family shame,
Kept under lock and key, 'til he found alcohol,
And unleashed on this little world his big scary soul,
I said, "Son you're gonna wind up dead, before the morning".

On the subject of honour, he fought tooth and nail,
'Til a death for my family, unless I end up in jail,
With a head full of chemicals, park bench for his bed
I said "Son you're gonna wind up dead, before the morning"

He had love for his mother, he had love for his Queen,
He had love for his Girlfriend when he was 16,
But the boy was born with a bad mouth, that he can't keep clean.

A brute from the off, a real pain in the neck,
All sympathy for the boy was never kept,
His final curtain call - a drunk blow to the head,
I said "Son you've gone and wound up dead, before the morning".

He had love for his mother, he had love for his Queen,
He had love for his Girlfriend when he was 16,
But the boy was born with a bad mouth, that he can't keep clean.

I'll get the remaining lyrics up in a short while
Fab xxx

Norwegian Dates

 We're pleased to announce we're heading to beautiful Norway in March, to play some dates, lounge around in our pants and do some press work with our lovely Scandinavian label. Here are the dates:

March 10 - Trondheim - Samfundet

March 14 - Oslo - Internasjonalen

March 15 - Kristiansand - Trashpop

March 16 - Bergen - Hulen

March 17 - Akkerhaugen - Stasjis

Hope to see you there friends

Love, The Kabeedies xxx

Sunday 29 January 2012


Just got back from our first stretch of tour, 4 eventful dates with our new soundman/tour manager Adam. Got plenty of stories to tell, but first, i believe, is the matter of our single. 'Eyes' comes out tomorrow (30th January) along with the exclusive B-Side 'The Ballad of Pyrrhic Victory (which isn't on Soap). The only place you can get it is on MP3 Download, and it'll be on iTunes from tomorrow. We're super proud of both these tunes and hope you like them, for now here's the video the wonderful Harry Hall from These Ghosts made for The Ballad of Pyrrhic Victory. 'Til tomorrow friends....

Monday 23 January 2012

Soap is released

Our 2nd Album 'Soap' is released today! On Fierce Panda records in the UK. You can purchase the little fellow on download from iTunes and on CD from many many places (we're also working on vinyl). Can't wait for you all to hear it, we're super proud of ourselves and our wonderful producer Johnny Cole and engineer Adam King.

Get on it:

Love you all,
The Kabeedies xxx

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Stupid Fifa

How we unwind after a hard day of rehearsal....

Step 1: Visit your temporarily crippled manager to beg for money to go to the pub.
Step 2: Go to the lovely Rose Tavern across the park to watch Man City vs Wigan
Step 3: Find the game entirely boring and resort to trying to create a football team comprised entirely of people with first names as their last names.
Step 4: Get in several arguments about the legitimacy of some of the choices. "Fletcher IS a first name".
Step 5: Spend several hours creating the team on Fifa after leaving the pub.
Step 6: Stay up 'til 2am playing through a season, confirming that a player called 'Alan' is infact the best player in the world.
Step 7: Get up at 9:30am for your singing lesson and wonder what the hell you were thinking the night before.

Love, The Kabeedies xxx

Sunday 8 January 2012


Here we go - the video created by the wonderful Spindle Films for the lead single from our new album Soap, out 23rd Jan. Hope you like it xxxx


5 hours 'til the video for our new single 'Eyes' is up and online, make sure you check facebook and youtube to see it first. Spindle Films have done an amazing job and we can't thank them enough, so looking forward to showing you all.
Love, The Kabeedies xxx

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Overseas Release Dates

Hey all,
We've just confirmed our release dates for Europe, and we're very happy to announce them.......




Love you guys, and see you all soon
Fab xxx

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Our New Years Eve

 Katie and I rocked into the birdcage in our best Lady Gaga outfits (OBVIOUSLY), and I immediately regretted cooking the bacon on my head as grease was slowly dripping into my already bleary eyes. Rory however, revelled in his rather marvellous Joey Barton QPR strip, looking every part the queen. We have absoloutley no idea where or what Evan did - as he seemed to disappear for the 3 weeks over Xmas and New Year, answers on the back of a postcard. Fab x

Tracklisting for Soap

Hamburg last year

Katie writes our name in condensation on the window we're playing behind to let the drunken revellers on the Reeperbahn know EXACTLY who we are....

Sunday 1 January 2012


The video for our new single Eyes goes live online a week today at 7pm (Sunday 8th January), and our new album Soap is out in 3 weeks too. Myself and Rory start rehearsals for our new set tomorrow, and i'm still caked in mascara and bacon grease from last night, i feel a little overwhelmed....I'm gonna go cry in a corner.
Fab x